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"If These Walls Could Talk"

We created this program to involve students in the process of envisioning how vacant historic buildings in their town might be put to new use. Ferdinand, Indiana was the site for our demonstration project. Two new communities will be announced soon.

A keystone of our mission, community visioning strengthens communities and is the backbone of a great town's success. We work in depth to unveil a town's true heart and soul to ensure that plans for the future embrace local core values and needs.

Scheduled to debut in 2018, Great Towns Preservation Corps will provide Hoosiers, 18-24, an experiential and service-learning opportunity.  This program will introduce traditional historic preser-vation trade skills to further the potential for more adapt-ive reuse of old buildings.

Does your town offer a variety of recreational opportunities for all ages? We can facilitate with Boomers to Gen Z to determine what's missing, and what's possible to keep  all ages active.

Attractive places ATTRACT people and recent research implies that the built environment impacts your community's economy. We can help your team develop design and zoning guidelines that protect character and authenticity and build on what people love.

The most economically successful communities are those where a citizen's love for their hometown is strong. As in any relation-

ship, it is the little things that make a big difference and your town, great!

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