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You be the Spark. Let us be the ignition that gets you going forward. Do you feel like your community is losing steam or lagging behind other comparably-sized towns? What's holding you back while they're on a fast-track? Let us help you bring your community back to being a Great Town.

Great Towns are places with a future even more exciting and attractive than its past. Great Towns are places that are home to a thriving economy, a welcoming community and the prospect for an even more inviting future.

Often, it is as simple as having a good plan for growth. Other times -- natural disasters or longtime local employers being sold or closing that lead to massive early retirements and layoffs. 

employer being energy behind you. to help lead your town forward. You know it best. Sometimes, though, it's helpful to have the experience of others driving the process. What's holding your community back or keeping it from attracting the people, ideas and investment you imagine? Great Towns, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 2012 for one purpose: To help smaller Indiana towns and communities  A town hall meeting? A community-wide survey? A new website that shares both your history AND your vision for the future.

Every town has at its core a heart & soul that is wholly its own.   A Great Town is one where people are empowered to make the changes and improvements they want for their future. Think of us as skilled behind-the-scenes partners. Our mission is to help citizens harness their power to make their communities places where people want to live, work and raise their families.  Our primary focus is on towns with 10,000 and fewer residents. Working with your town's project directors, we deliver and implement specifically-tailored technical support and capacity-building programs to help your town become a successful great town -- one that is more inviting, economically strong and resilient.   Our core sectors of expertise are community engagement, enhancing the built environment, preserving legacy, place making, and long-range planning.                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                            Let's Envision the Future Together!

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