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How We Help

Since our inception, Great Towns, Inc. has been totally focused on helping citizens of smaller communities make their towns stronger and more resilient.

Great Towns mission is to honor the value of small cities and towns and to provide strategic engagement services that help residents of these communities envision a future together. We believe communities are at their best when all citizens have a say and when they experience the benefits of working together. We have learned that emotional connectors are the real drivers for citizen involvement in community planning, so we work to develop customized programs that are fun, visionary and specifically adapted to each community.


Our program, "If These Walls Could Talk"  turns the stories and history of vacant buildings into reasons to have a personal relationship with the past. As people hear the stories and then share them they see themselves as part of a larger community narrative. They also see themselves as creators of that narrative. Emotional connections can ultimately drive action for public good in solid and sustainable ways no government or dictatorial body can.

Our Logo

To many, the Great Towns logo represents a handmade quilt square -- the hands-on collab-oration, diversity and creativity that results in something long lasting and valued by all. With an homage to our colorful heritage, it also represents a growing town plan.

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